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Single Sign On

Powerful Integration Between Adobe Connect and Your SSO Solution

Customize your organization’s experience through a simplied user portal which is fully branded and designed for more intuitive meeting setup and sharing. The SSO portal is built in HTML5, enabling the use of Adobe Connect via desktop and mobile devices. Utilize the SSO portal to access all objects within Adobe Connect, including building out meeting rooms, invitations, training courses, and events. Create email invitations and send to designated lists. With the new SSO portal by eSyncTraining, you have the freedom to use your tablet or mobile device for your Adobe Connect needs.

Much more than federated authentication, Single Sign-On by eSyncTraining allows users to simplify Adobe Connect for their organization

  • HTML5 User Portal
  • Supports: Shibboleth, SAML, LDAP, CAS, Okta
  • Compatible with all deployments of Adobe Connect (Hosted, On-Premise, Adobe Connect Managed Service)

Whitepapers & Downloads

To find out more eSyncTraining's services for your firm's specific development needs, please call  800-348-6110 or email at .